NOPA Membership

The National Osteopathic Practitioners Association (NOPA) is committed to represent the alumni of National Academy of Osteopathy and National University of Medical Sciences and to support, encourage and guide its community of graduates to achieve and maintain the highest standards of professional integrity and practice. 

To join NOPA you must be a NAO or NUMSS Graduate.

Steps to Membership::
1. Complete membership form
2. Email a photograph of your diploma or degree to
3. Email a photograph of yourself that you would like to display on your profile page size 189 x 193.
4. Once NOPA verify your status, you will be added on our website and FB group page

Potential Benefits:
1. Free to join upon graduation
2. Open Source; Assessments Forms, Consent Forms etc
3. Webinars offering CEU 
4. Submitting Your Profile Page -opts (Your name, country of practice, clinic name/address/phone number, email, biography)
5. A Separate Facebook group tailor to our graduates only 
6. A Separate Facebook group tailor to general public only 
7. Alumni Members will receive "Alumni Card" with their own ID number
8. Networking with other Osteopathic Manual Practitioners in your local area
9. Get "involve" with Community Presentations
10. Endless Advertising Opportunity; NOPA Magazines, Live broadcast, Interviewing, Public Speaking
11. Extended Health Care Insurance Plans (Ontario graduates only at the moment)