Brescia (BS)/Soave (VR), Italy

Michele Chiesa


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Michele Chiesa  DO (Spain)                                                                                                                Brescia (BS)/Soave (VR), Italy

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I’m dedicating my professional life helping people to overcome their limitations and belief. I think it's always been a source of creativity in my life and in my profession. After graduation as physiotherpist, I never stopped my education traveling between Europe and North America, achieving different specializations and qualifications in manual therapy, Osteopathy, Yoga and Complementary Alternative Medicine. I love deepen the newest research in communication, behavioral psychology and neuroscience. Currently I am clinical skill tutor and lecturer in osteopathy for Msc Osteopathy for MSO with State University of Verona and different accredited CEU (CPD/ECM) provider. I’m working in two multidisciplinary clinics sited in Brescia and Verone as responsible for the osteopathic practice and yoga teaching.

Location of Practice

Osteoclinic / via volturno 27 Brescia BS and Via Mere 7 Soave (VR) phone #(0039)331 7291991