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Dr. JoeArrindell Jrwas born1974on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. He moved to Holland at the age of 19 to study physical and sports therapy and to pursue a career as an osteopath.After 20 years of learning from and working with the best people in the business, Dr. Joe Arrindell Jr decided to move to Mallorca to use the years of experience to grow and develop a sports therapy& osteopathic clinic. When he is not in the clinic working, he is then traveling with the IAM Swiss Pro Cycle team. Besides being one of the osteopaths for the team, he is also in charge of the strength and conditioning aspect for the complete team before and during the pro cycle season.Mallorca's excellent geographical position and infrastructure make the island the perfect place for athletes to train and compete. Using his knowledge and worldwide travel experience to bring out the best elements gives him a wide spectrum and understanding of different cultures and customs. Also the advantage of communicating in five languages is an added plus.

Joe A.A. Arrindell Jr.

Care 4 Health Mallorca

​+34(0)635 870 606


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Joe A.A. Arrindell Jr DO (Spain) C.M.P                                                                                                                        Mallorca, BI, Spain

Alumni Number: 801122

Mallorca, Balearic island, Spain

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